References and Testimonials

"Cimino Electric did a great job in the rough and finish stages in terms of meeting and beating my schedule and at the same time maintaining the quality of their work. The expertise and professionalism your company displayed throughout the project contributed a great deal to the project finishing almost a month ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with you on upcoming projects and again thank you for a job well done."

- Steve Grider
San Pablo Senior Housing

"S.J. Cimino Electric, Inc. has been one of the finest qualified electrical contractor we have dealt with in many years. We would highly recommend Cimino Electric and are pleased we had them on our project."

- John W. Stangle, Jr.
Ralph Curran Builders, Inc.

"Cimino Electric has been most helpful with the design and execution of their particular portion of the project. They have had a staff of ten to twelve electricians on our jobsite and have been a vanguard for our construction schedule. We would not hesitate to use them on any high production multi-dwelling project."

- David H. Williams
D.H. Williams Construction, Inc.

"Cimino Electric has provided the electrical services for W.E. Lyons Construction Co. on at least 12-14 apartment projects since about 1975. These projects have varied in size from about 50 units upwards to around 200 units. In all cases Cimino Electric finished these projects satisfactorily in both quality and time. I would personally both recommend and use on future projects the electrical services of Cimino Electric."

- Roger A. Sartain
W.E. Lyons Construction Co.

"I have always found Sam Cimino to be a man of honesty, integrity, and professionalism. I would never hesitate to become involved in a project with Sam and as such I would wholeheartedly recommend Cimino Electric as an electrical contracting firm with a rare blend of integrity and professionalism that would make them an asset in any venture."

- Stephen P. Arcuri
Trammel Crow Residential

"From start to finish of this project, you have displayed the expertise and professionalism it takes to provide complete and operable electrical, fire alarm, nurse's call and tele-entry systems. I believe that this will be another trouble-free project as was the last senior housing project you did for me. Also, the fast pace of your rough-in wiring contributed a great deal to the project being ahead of schedule. I look forward to working with you on upcoming projects and againthank you for a job well done."

- Michael A. Lodoen
L & D Construction Co., Inc.

"I have found them (Cimino Electric) to be cooperative and their workmanship most satisfactory. We would certainly work with them again."

- Bob Branz
Apersey Construction.

"You responded when we called, came up with a good plan of attack, helped us deal with the homeowners association, and performed. It's good to deal with a contractor like yourself who feels an obligation to do the right thing and stand behind your work. You did this at no small expenditure of your time, energy, and resources. We appreciate this and so does the Willowbrook Homeowners Association."

- Don Edwards
Willowbrook Project